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Prologue Snippets of Garadom

Lore Snippets

"On an expedition under the lead of Archemage Darko Telford a portal of the old god Ides has been found. After returning to King Malon I., Telford decided to enter this portal to find new possibilities for the Keldarian Kingdom."

"The King's youngest son Eric and a friend of Telford called Morrigan Vandran joined the expedition. They established an outpost and even a small village over the next years, until one day the portal collapsed. Every attempt to open up the Ides Portal again failed. They are trapped in a new world called Garadom."

"While Morrigan studied some inscriptions of the Ides Portal, she found some information about an ancient power in a parallel world called "The Void". She planned another expedition to the North-West of Garadom and promised every villager who helps her, a better life and a way home. Telford and Malon refused to use the unknown power, because it was also known to be related to black magic known as "Black Mana". The group ended up in disagreement and separated."

"Morrigan Vandran founded the Vandarian Empire and built up a fortress over the years, to protect her loyal people. It's not her plan anymore to leave this place. Spoiled by the dark energy of the void and her known knowledge, she plans to rule over the inner circle of Garadom. Forced by the lack of manpower, she convinced some of the cruel native races to join her. After recruiting a large enough army, she declared war against Telford and Malon."

"Splitted to the new Keldarian Kingdom and the Kingdom of Telford, Malon and Telford are controlling the biggest part of the inner circle of Garadom as an alliance. But unprepared for war and surprised by the native races called Orcs and Goblins the people of Telford are loosing ground and territory to Morrigan Vandran's forces."

"On Vandran's brutal campaign she found a way to tear a rift between their world and the Void. Dark energy is floating all over Garadom, spoiling the dead bodies and raising them from the dead - Restless and cruel to everyone."

"By tearing the rift, primal demon Andintaz strengthen the dark energy in Morrigan Vandran to control her. With his help she now knows how to open up a permanent portal to the Void. She needs the Lightstone of Archemage Darko Telford ... ."

"The Vandranian forces push harder and after 5 merciless years they siege the last fortification of The Kingdom of Telford. Even King Malon II. lost the biggest part of his army in battle by supporting his ally."

"As last hope Archemage Darko Telford sacrificed himself to his magical sources, to protect his people and the people of Keldaria. So his human body transformed into a electrified elemental raising into the air. Enormous thunderbolts and lightning striking down upon the enemy army of Vandran. Avenging all slaughtered people he felt into a rage and crushed the enemy lines forcing them to retreat weakened and decimated. As his last act, before losing his physical hull forever he closed the rift to the Void, that Morrigan Vandran lost her Soul to the demon."

"The forces of the Vandarian Empire were headless and splitted. Orc clans and tribes of other races left the Empire and lost all loyalty and respect. But the dark energy of the Void still lurks the lands of Garadom, tearing minor rifts between the two worlds. Nobody has ever seen the body of Morrigan Vandran again."

"As the Vandarian Empire shattered and the inner circle of Garadom settled to be once livable again, King Malon II. opened the gates for the old Kingdom of Telford. Here begins your own story, between the remains of the Vandarian Empire and the Keldarian Kingdom."