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Garadom Online

Free To Play

Free To Play

Garadom Online is a fair Free To Play game with an ingame marketplace, that doesn't contain any Pay To Win or Pay To Progress items. We know, that many players don't like the Free To Play system, but to keep on working on the game and to keep the player driven economy running for years, it's the best option.

Everything is possible

True Sandbox MMORPG

A dangerous world where players have the chance to build up their own story to become loved or feared in a true sandbox experience. Be a craftsman, an adventurer, a smuggler, a trader, an explorer - Our passive skill system allows the player to be verything he likes to be. But always remember, that every action can affect the whole world of Garadom.



Unlike other games nowadays, Garadom Online is aims to be a true Sandbox MMORPG trying to bring back the too familiar feeling of risk and reward. Evil monsters, wild animals and other players will always push the limits of the people of Garadom.

Player Driven Economy

Player Driven Economy

Every item in the world of Garadom is made by a player. Also local marketplaces with different price areas for every city in the world are encouraging the traders or smugglers. Like in real world, supply and demand and different events are regulating the prices of each city. Be a clever merchant and grow rich with the goods of Garadom.

Crafting and Gathering


Crafting is the biggest and most important feature of Garadom Online, because the whole economy depends on the worlds craftsmen. Also every item will be highly customizable and improvable. A sword for example is made up of a pommel, a handle, a guard and a blade and the blacksmith can choose between different kinds of those.

Persistent Housing and Kingdom Founding

Kingdoms & Housing

Players are able to claim land to build up and manage their kingdoms with upgrades and taxes. But claiming a land will also bring responsibility to protect and serve the citizens that inhabit the land. Become a good leader and players will decide to establish on your land and help you during times of war.